07 - Rocks Digital Marketing Conference with Lissa Duty

After seeing a need for a social media marketing conference in Dallas, Lissa Duty took it upon herself to take the lead and create one!  

We talked about why she started the event, and how she been able to grow it from a local conference to attracting international speakers and guests.

In this episode we discuss:

- The strategies Lissa uses to promote her event.

- How she attracts speakers from all over the world.

- How she selects speakers.

- What was one of her biggest surprises from putting together her own event.

- And many more tips and tricks for putting together a successful event for over six years!

To learn more about the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference, visit https://www.rocksdigital.com/


More About Lissa

Lissa Duty, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Advice Local and Rocks Digital co-founder, is a speaker, social media coach, trainer and author of “25 Tips to Twitter Success: Learn How to Market Yourself, Brand and Business...

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06 - Game Changers Live With Paul Chapman

Paul Chapman is a Marketing Strategist and Co-Creator of Marketing Jump Leads.  He's also the author of the book The Game Changers (which you can find on Amazon here --> http://amzn.to/2iSBrZ6).

After publishing his book, and wanting to create an event that ties with it, also helping business owners, he decided to put together the Game Changers Live event in just a few weeks.

Paul shares his journey with us and tells us:

- Why he wanted to add an event to his business

- How his event ties into his business as a whole

- Lessons learned from putting on an event in such a short amount of time

- What he did in those few weeks he had to sell tickets (and what he would have done differently, had he had more time)

- Why taking on the event paid off tenfold for him and his business.

Want to check out what Game Changers Live is all about?  You can click here to get more info --> Game Changers Live

Ready to start your own event or take your current one to the next...

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05 - Sales Camp with Ursula Mentjes

Ursula Mentjes is the founder of Sales Coach Now and is a seasoned expert in running live events.

She has produced all kinds of events ranging in small rooms to over 600 people and everything in-between.

In this episode, we talked a lot about her signature event, Sales Camp.  This is an event she runs several times a year, that is integrated with her business. 

Just some of what we discussed:

- Why adding the live event was non-negotiable for her in her business

- The difference the live event makes in how her customers learn and connect

- How she maintains the stamina for a multi-day event

- How the event is incorporated with all other aspects of her business, including her latest book launch.

To connect with Ursula and learn more about Sales Camp, visit: Sales Coach Now.

To grab a copy of her latest book, The Belief Zone, grab it on Amazon at:The Belief Zone

Ready to start your own event or take your current one to the next level?  Download our free Live...

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04 - Freelance Conference with Emily Leach

After not having any luck finding a conference where Emily could network with fellow Freelancers, she did what any true entrepreneur does and did it herself.

She lived in Austin, and knew she was on a time crunch because she would be backing up to SXSW, so she put together her entire first conference in 100 days and The Freelance Conference (#FREECON) was officially born.  

Now, just completing her 3rd year, Emily and I talk about:

- How she put together her first event

- Why the details mean everything to her, and why she feels they're important

- What's the most important thing to do when landing large  sponsors

-  Her biggest lessons learned as she has grown from year to year

- An incredible piece of advice for those who are jumping in

To learn more about the Freelance Conference, visit here --> Freelance Conference

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03 - MarketEd Live with Tim Elliott

Tim Elliot, with his business partner, decided they didn't have enough quality marketing events in their area. So they did what any great entrepreneur would do, and they created one.

Tim shares his journey of how and why they decided to do one, along with the things he learned along the way, plus so much more.

In this episode we discuss;

  • How they went from talking about the idea of the event in a pub to actually making it happen.
  • The biggest surprise of putting on the whole event
  • Why three weeks before the event he almost pulled the plug
  • The biggest takeaways he got from putting together his first event
  •  What changes he will make in 2018
  • Why it was all worth doing.

Would you like to learn more about MarketEd Live? - Check it out here --> MarketEd Live

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02 - The Before. Conference with Tena Pettis

Tena Pettis is the owner and founder of Tenacious, among several other entrepreneurial ventures.

After seeing a need in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for an event, she decided to take on the challenge by putting together The Before Conference.

Now she's taking this venture into her 3rd year, and Tena shared with us some of her biggest lessons learned, and why she loves doing events. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Tena decided to do a live event and the experience (or lack of) she had putting on something that was  such a large scale
  • How Tena set-up the event to make her money back, and the different ways she makes income from it
  • How she used free masterminds to hand pick her attendees and keep the integrity of the room at a maximum
  • How many tickets she gave away free to her first event (you’ll be shocked by this answer), and the cool story behind it.
  • The biggest lesson she learned and the mistake she made in year 2 vs. year 1
  • The details she refused to overlook,...
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01 - The Story Behind the Podcast

Events almost broke me, in more ways than one.  But even though the stress of taking on such a large initiative, it paid off in ways I could never have imagined.

In this very first episode, I get super honest with the good and the bad of live events, and why I wanted to create this podcast.


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