16 - Book More Travel Workshop with Vanessa McGovern

Vanessa McGovern is the CEO and Co-Owner of Gifted Travel Network, and the EVP of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at the Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs. In a nutshell, her companies are the ones to know if you're in the travel industry!

Vanessa has used the Book More Travel Workshop over the years to first, build rapport with her current members by offering a place to connect with other members and learn more in-depth techniques in a live person event.

She also uses it to attract new members, and in this podcast, she even mentioned that it may sometimes take years for people on her list to finally become part of the network.

In this episode we discuss:

- Why the long game is so important for your event

- Tips and tricks for marketing your event

- How to build and cultivate community at your events

- How you can create another revenue stream if you're doing event (this one I had never even thought of before and was brilliant)

- Plus much more!

To connect with Vanessa and learn more about her workshop visit: http://www.travelbusinessu.com/book-more-travel-workshop