13 - Midwest Women Business Owners’ Conference with Erin Joy

Erin Joy has a long history of entrepreneurship and is the owner of Black Dress Partners. After doing smaller events, she knew she wanted to uplevel her brand and gain more awareness.

However, she never dreamed the impact an event would have on her business.

Now entering her 4th year, Erin shares the experience of putting on an event, why it's worth the extra effort, and why she plans on playing the long game.

In this episode we discuss:

- How doing an event didn't just take her business to another level, but in the words of one of her team members, another stratosphere

- Why her community is everything, and how she uses her events to cultivate it

- How she uses smaller events to fill her annual large event

- Why focusing on excellence and your reputation are crucial

- How to borrow the other's credibility of other influential brands while you're building your event.

- Her secret to attracting attendees from other areas (and if you want to join it, you can here --> https://www.facebook.com/groups/MWBOGroup/)

- Plus much more

Check out the MidwestWBOConference.com for information on the next event on May 17th, 2018.