10 - BizChix Live with Natalie Eckdahl

Natalie Eckdahl has hosted the BixChix podcast since 2014, and has built an incredible community of women CEO's through, almost 300 episodes.

After running her own masterminds and 1:1 coaching, she was moved while speaking at an event attended only by women. It was after feeling that magic in the room when she decided to put together her own live event.

We had a candid conversation about the ups and downs of running an event, and Natalie talked about how it all was worth it in the end.

Here's just some of what we covered:

- The moment she decided that the event was something she wanted to do, and the emotional roller coaster that came with it.

- How even with missed expectations, the event was still beyond what she thought it could be.

- How it changed her business along with the status of her brand.

- Why she booked out, not just one year in advance, but several years in advance!

- What she did to not just put together the right room, but to cultivate relationships in that room.

- Lessons learned and what changes from year one to the following years.

You can learn more about BixChix Live by visiting http://bizchix.com/live

More About Natalie: 

Natalie Eckdahl is a Business Strategist and High Performance Coach who helps high-achieving women entrepreneurs across industries and time zones build, grow and scale their business while avoiding overwhelm.

She’s the Founder of the BizChix Community, Podcast, Programs, and Events and has been recognized as “One of the Top Women in Business to Listen to.” She has also been featured in Inc, Fast Company, Huffington Post and Entrepreneur.

Natalie brings a multidisciplinary perspective to her work. She draws from her MBA education, 20+ years of work experience, deep intuition, and over 275 podcast interviews with industry influencers to help her clients with customized strategy and coaching to reach 6 figures+ in PROFITS.

When she’s not enjoying precious moments with her husband, Mark and her 3 children ages 3 to 15, you can find her drinking a steaming cup of coffee, on her way to spin class or sneaking in a power nap. Visit BizChix.com for her latest podcasts and inspiration on life and business.