09 - Biz Women Rock Mastermind Retreat With Katie Krimitsos

Katie Krtimitsos is the owner and founder of Biz Women Rock. Her business is all about helping women business owners succeed and grow via a podcast, an academy, coaching, and as of last year, a Mastermind Retreat.

 In this episode, Katie gets real about her mastermind retreat, now going into its second year.

 - Why she waited a few years t

- The strategy she uses for coming up with several days worth of content

- How and why this event is a complete game changer for her business

- How to prep your body and stamina to make it the full days

- How to set up your current event to keep the growth happening year after year

- How she gained the confidence to take this level of an event

To learn more about Biz Women Rock, visit BizWomenRock.com.

And for more details on her Retreat, visit http://bizwomenrock.com/retreat .