08 - Content Marketing Academy with Chris Marr

Chris Marr has a vast background in events.  He started out in a venue that hosted events, so he learned the ins and outs of events of all kinds. Events organization has been drilled into him for a long time.

His first business started off as an agency and he always did events. His first event was a marketing workshop that started for

- How he's grown his event part of his business from a small 12 person workshop, to now events that host hundreds of people.

- Why live events were such a huge part of his business right away

- How free events can build your business

- The most important thing you need to do to get people to come to your event.

- Chris' prediction on the one thing people will pay money for in the future.

- How to build anticipation and sell out your event far in advance

- How to create not just an event, but an amazing experience

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